Seeing in Color


United States
33° 8' 48.4404" N, 117° 0' 31.6368" W

I believe all are equal,
No matter race, religion, gender
Accepted, one and all
It doesn’t make a difference if you like a him or a her
Bi-sexual, straight, transgender, or gay
Lady Gaga was right, “You were born this way”

It gets me livid when rights are denied,
When people’s fear of what they don’t understand
Makes them filled with hatred inside.
Christians argue that it’s against God’s command.
Lets be honest, who really understands God’s plan.

The law should be fair,
It should not discriminate.
For blacks and women we decided, but for gays we don’t dare?
I don't want to live in a country governed by hate
What ever happened to separation of church and state?

Love is love, uncontrollable and undeniable,
Why make people suppress and feel ashamed?
We are all people, one in the same.
I see all the colors of the rainbow;
Lets change the views of those seeing in gray!


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