See Me

You don’t see color?

Then you must have a real hard time with traffic lights.


But no, what you really mean is 

You choose 






You choose to ignore all of my struggles 

All of my pain

All of my hurting

All of my journey.


You choose to ignore my story written in the delicate pores of my skin 

In the language of melanin.


And I know it’s not an easy story.

There’s no happy ending scripted into each of my scars and bruises.


But instead, you make the choice to walk blindly 


Into the busy intersection of life 



Of others around you

Of their struggles

And their pain 

And their hurting

And their journeys.



See me.

See my color and value me.

Honor me

And you will be educated about my experience.

Join me

And together we will work against those who seek to harm me.


I can show you how to be better.


So again

I beseech you

Close your mouth

Open your ears 

And uncover your eyes


And see me.

See me.


You don’t see color?

Then you are missing out on the beautiful picture made for you by the heavens.


So open your eyes

And lay your gaze upon it.

Bask in it with me my friend.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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