Secrets of the Sea

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 16:09 -- gdewint

Delicate toes tiptoed around the edge of the dock,
dipping slowly into the chilled water.
Erupting ripples followed, lapping and licking the splintered harbor.
Years of weathering and briny sea air warped the dock into a distorted skeleton
of what it once was.
Romping bare feet and mooring sailboats knocking at the face,
wore the grain down to many tan-brown knots that held an eerie tale with each curve and twist. Looking between the emptiness of two uncanny planks,
gave way to infinite stories,
bouncing along salty waves.
The water below was clear and blue,
with many shored up secrets.
But accepted translucency, letting you in on them,
like you two were long lost lovers, separated by time.

Speaking loud, but soft words, the sea tells you her many mysteries.
The words floated delicately around, like glistening bubbles,
popping once they hit soft pink skin.
At the end of their short-lived travels, these tales kiss naive ears,
and bare their souls to anyone who will listen.
The listener’s blind eyes widen when a salty sea spray burns,
but gives the gift of sight.

And only after the vulnerability has diminished with the fleeting sun,
will the sea stretch her tepid arms out, and encompass her one and only witness.
She pulls them into a belly of darkness and knowledge,
but then puts up sterling bars, to prevent the contagion of her mysteries.
For this is why it is unknown, the secrets of the sea.


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