Secrets Behind the Smoke Screen

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 11:56 -- ddag97


Don't be fooled by the persona I display;

I'm a glorious actress each and every day.

My vast array of masks harbors my broken soul,

sheltering a heart that was never quite whole.

As dawn makes her grand entrance onto the stage,

I prepare for the farce in which I must engage.

Each performance is more strained than the last,

for I can no longer hide the pain of the past.

Ever so slowly, the perfected smile will fade

and in the depth of my sorrow I shall forever wade.

Mirrors reflect what the others cannot see:

a desolate girl hoping someone will hear her plea.

She wants to let people in from the start

and unbind the chains that guard her heart,

but life has proven time and time again

that those whom you trust let you down in the end.

Yet until the Final Act she will perservere

and present to the world that smile so dear.





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