Secret Skins


I found out the prickling under Gap kids cotton,

Is what you must buy and bury in closet trunks.

The folded feminine other flesh made your marriage rotten.

And Moms sick of campy pantyhose that stink like frothing funk.

I know you slink in your slippery silk secret for thrills,

Like a snake sliding in sexual celebration skins.

You are he and she with fish netted fetishes and boned frills,

That calmingly caress beneath Reaganomic robot tin.

Sex soaked sin creature from Eden otherworld, stay away.

What do stirrings in sweet spots spell out if I have your eyes?

I fret in back car seats fearing infection of fever gay.

You are a trapped tramp, in love with stage trash queens and living lies.

Are V and D shaped fuck-ups from God genetic?

For hating you I am unapologetic. 



This is a very complex poem I must say quite frankly, I love the huge amount of intense words that are pressed knee deep into the writing and scriptures. I think it is well done, although I do think out of all honesty there is a bit too much alliteration. The reader can get lost pretty easily from time to time. But other than that I think it is good, just can be a bit simpler.

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