Secret place

Tall cliffs and whale bones,

Our secret place that’s all our own.

Hands held, hearts cradled.

Eyes shut, fear of loss and pain.

It all came to head that day.

Back to the beginning,

Under that bridge I made a wish,

For you to be mine. A simple stich.

We came together like water and fire,

I put out your pain you lifted me higher.

Absent minded, always under.

The spell of intoxication crept deep inside us.

I wanted more, you were content.

That’s all we were, was it time well spent?

I fell deep into a hole of empty black,

I wish I was there would you have turned back?

Maybe its supposed to be this way.

It’s a true metaphor for you and I.

Tall cliffs and whale bones,

Our secret place.


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