The Secret Passage Way

In the closet of my down stair's room lies a secret
There is a hidden wall behind boxes
On the other side opend to a whole another world
In one such dream I had there was an old lady who lived in an apartment
who would often get mad she didn't like the fact that I would throw wild party's
always banging her fist on the wall
Another time I dreamed there was an actual mall beyond the wall with a subway there
A secret passage that would unlock to a vast world of fantasy in my dreams
I always wanted to knock the wall down
Many memories and moments filter through my mind
The secret passage way
A place where dreams were made
I firmly believe its a message from God
To clean up my act but I may tend to over react
Pretty weird in a sense
Right in my home of residence
Yet i will give my dreams more time a chance to manifest

This poem is about: 
My community


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