Secret Identity of Chupacabra

A Latin American Urban Legend

Or perhaps a misguided truth.

It is a merciless beast according to those who speak,

Preying upon lames, upon sheep.

It watches from the bushes in the cloak of night

To feast upon the little ones and bring terror and fright.

You all have heard of it

You all have seen

The damage done from something so keen.

It is beastly no doubt

Hairless and mean

Watching and waiting for the upcoming sweep.

It feels no fear

It does not morn

For it drinks the blood of anything born.

To it, your a meal, a treat

An exotic snack, it seeks to eat.

With powerful legs and a sleek physique 

It is a perfect ambush predator, quiet and discrete.

For decades many have feared this unruley beast

But what if this beast is nothing but sweet.

Perhaps it be a coyote or a fox

Sure we wont be so fond.

But be it a Xolo, the hairless Mexican dog?

Prehaps it be a sick one that terrorizes near and far.

But if it be as ruthless as they say,

Why not there be more sightings, more dead that pay?

Maybe a beast, maybe a terror but maybe also the next door neighbor.

Maybe it be a stray, maybe it be more than one lead. 

A sick Coyote and a Xolo that breed.

The Chupacabra could be many of things.

But prehaps it's past fear that makes it far more frightening.

I see it as a unique case,

An Endless chase.

Be it as a rabid dog or manged Canine,

Making its rounds towards anything it comes by.

So see it as a danger or perhaps a rabid dog

But also remember that it doesnt represent them all.

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