The Secret of a Human's Existence

I'd need a book, one to direct my path

Another human might be lovely, but it's known that time is imminent to succession by wrath

Lessons to guide me in times of travesty, and it seems idiotic but this book might be the very thing that saves me

Alone, with not another person to fake for, to lie for, or to hide your emotions for

Instead a life, and you won't have to worry about being judged in prejudice anyways

A higher power, that kind of belief, is what can stop you from breaking your own destiny

Free choice is an option, however, there is no force,

You can survive own your own, without a guide, and pick the life that is so desired,

But there is hope in this one book, a shield to protect my heart, soul, and mind, 

from the mental elements that are designed to reveal and to keep the secretly insane on this island that is isolated from the rest of the world, 

This book can help bring hope, instead of the nothingness that could be contained in the possible husk of a human shell.

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