Secret garden of sorrow.

This is my first time putting my stuff out there. Wrote this when i was 14- 15. thanks.




red rose, red rose, oh what, do you say?

For alas and alack... He took my life away.

In the secret garden let my lifeless body rest,

No more sullen heartbeat under my sultry breast.

But the crimson blood which runs through my veins,

has now been been bled out creating splotchy stains.

Oh dear bard, play me a sad song,

for my life has not yet been lived very long.

Gravediggers bury me with no tomb,

instead take me back to mother natures womb.

Lover, oh lover weep whilst you can,

for taking action in such a precarious plan.

Mother, father, listen to the wind's somber tune,

and watch the small children dance beneath the full moon.


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