Seconds Tick Away

Thoughts zing here and there

But I don't know exactly where

I ponder life and all that matters

What if everything shatters

I see life change all around

You can see it in the trees and on the ground

Time goes by

So don't be shy

You can't ever get it back

I know that for a fact

But why do people waste this precious time

Why do we waste our precious dime

We are ignorant to the change around us

Even the change in profound trust

Technology envelops and blinds everyone I see

Everyone is missing the beauty in the world that is evident to me

It makes me sad

As well as mad

I don't fathom how people don't enjoy life the way I do

Maybe what I think isn't entirely true

I desire for everyone to marvel the way I do

To see the wonders our God can do

People are scared

They feel impaired

You just need to think outside the box

Take some time and detox

Escape from society 

And all of the things that bind us down

Take some time to enjoy the car ride around town

Take in the scenes

And see what it means

I am afraid to say

It won't always be this way

So enjoy it while you have the chance

Go out and have a dance

Listen to me 

Set yourself free

From all the things the world wants us to be

My advice to you

Is to stay true 

And soak up the beautiful world surrounding you


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