Second of Fame

Eighteen years have come 

And soon they will be gone

For what I have dreamed of

Is no reality 

Raised in the West

With the ideals of the East

Standing out as an individual 

Has never been accepted

They ask if medicine is in my future,

I lie and say yes

For these creative bones in my body are slowly breaking

Breaking Free. 

Trying to escape the image that has been painted on

I want to see my drawings in museums 

And be featured in the media

But my image and my sterotype holds me down 

Eighteen years I have been 




But if I were to see my art in the media for just one second

My life would change forever

No longer held back by my sterotype 

For I will have seen myself shine through

I will have seen the years of art school

I will have seen the years of faithlessness

I will have seenthe years of doubt

All wiped away just for that second of fame 

One Second would change my life


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