A Second Expression

Although I am still a novice,

My reasons for entering are quite obvious

I need the money to pay for art school

So I'll use my affair with poetry if that's cool


In school there was poetry all the time: 

In music, in books, even some alumni were sublime

One book I read was Nikki Grimes' Bronx Masquerade

It inspired me to use poetry as an expression aid


The tales of the kids in the book were relatable and funny

My eyes were glued to the pages from nightfall to sunny

Although it was short, and was for grades below me

I doubt anyone knew that this book was a delicacy 


So from time to time when drawing got rough

I used poetry to explain some stuff

Whether it be the man who had my heart

Or a classmate who loved to fart


Every now and then I would also see a show

On TV of course, known as Verses and Flow

The passion in their rhymes enchanted me

If only I had the guts to get on stage in NYC


Some of my favorite celebrities would come on stage

From Elle Varner to Common, all dope with age

They would sing their hearts out

While newcomers had poetry to spout


As I see poets of all kinds tell their stories at slams and competition

It makes me wonder if I can recite in such a condition

All eyes on me and not a single talking soul

Would eat me alive and bring embarassment as a whole


Overall I write poetry now and then to express how I feel

But for right now it's so that my pockets can heal

There's so much debt to avoid when you go to SVA

Let's hope this poem will give me a better chance to stay



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