The Second Edition of Me

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 20:12 -- befree

Determined, empowered and bold

Words that always screamed my name

My life

My identity,

Now embossed, and sealed on the life of another


Did I create this? Me? Did I make this?

Wild blonde curls that refuse to be brushed

I behold

My image

My life

Inscribed upon a smaller


body of another


She is small,

Dimunitive, I say

And I,

I am bigger

I am smarter


 at all of twenty four


Face to face with my little one

I wither in fortitude

A motionless, spineless

Mother of one


She who owns

My sadness

My confidence

My pride


I made the kid who scratched your face?

The one who put that adult in his place?

Is she mine

The one who pulled your hair

The one who will always dare?


Strong gray eyes that size up my power

Knowing and fierce

A force that triples in size

She is


Much larger than me

I think

And much

Much kinder than me


Much better than me


The same little one’s eyes well up with tears

Despises injustice

And shares a kind word

Generous with love and laughter

Happiness and song


The same eyes that refuse to behold unfairness

Cruelty or death

Drowning out sadness in its murky gray depths

The same hands

Stubborn and bold

That refuses to obey nature’s command


They will all one day


Led by a mind

That defies all norm



Like mine.


She is me in my kindness

Me in my life

Me in my dreams

In my tenacity

And Hopes

My refusal to stand for cruelty or injustice

My love for all people

My belief in all good


She is mine.


I helped make this creature

Larger than life





I had a part in her heart

Her conscious

Her choice


And I have one now

In her life

In her mission

In her perfection of soul.



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My family
Our world
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