Second Date

I’d never ridden a motorcycle before.

But when she asked if she could take me for a ride

I couldn’t find a single reason to say no.


I wrapped my arms around her torso and held on.

The skin of her midriff was soft against my hands

and the wind whipped our hair as we sped along the road.


We finally stopped along the beach,

my shoes and her boots sinking into silken sand.

Everything was quiet and beautiful, just like her.


She hadn’t told me her real name

and I wouldn’t push the question.

I didn’t want to kill the mood.


Seemed like everything was perfect in that moment,

her and I alone with the endless sand and waves.

In the spur of the moment, I asked for a dance.


She nearly lifted me as she spun me around.

Pink hair flowed around her face, illuminated

by the sea of glimmering stars above our heads.


The sound of waves crashing softly against the shore

mixing with fuzz guitar blaring from her bike’s speakers

provided the soundtrack to our moonlit tango.


The two feet she stood above me

seemed to make it harder for her,

but she adjusted fairly quick.


Our rhythm started out slowly at first and

I got the feeling she’d never done this before.

But we were also both very new to each other.


Her firm hands gave way to tender embrace as

her tan skin brushed against my ivory frame.

All my troubles melted in those passionate movements.


Not sure how long our dance lasted, not that I mind,

I could have spent an eternity in her arms.

Two rebels in a dance beneath the stars, perfect.


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