Second Chances


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You’ll never get another chance

Is what they always said


Live quick, live fast, live here and now

Until the day you’re dead.


Don’t stop and think

Just look, don’t blink

Or you might waste it all


You’ll never get another chance…

So take the jump

Don’t mind the fall…and…








You fell.

                You fell so hard your bones were aching

                                Heart was pounding

                                                Mind was racing.


You’ve fallen

                With Cold steel tracks beneath you

You’ve fallen

                With Dark jagged branches surrounding you


A frigid wind whips across your face



as you cry out

the wind howls




as you search the sky

the clouds darken the moon




as you stare into the unlighted, flowing waters

You cast out your soul and plead







and the river flows




Life is fickle, that’s the beauty

That not all will see,

If you fail and break down,

You’re not yet all that you can be


In life, I’ve found Romance in The Second Chance.





You are brilliant


Life is more than just one race


Life is more than keeping pace

With those around







Perhaps, what you forgot


is who you are

and who you are not



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