A second between 9 and 10

Its amazing how easy is it for someone to forget about you. Then again if you never meant anything...Why would it be difficult?

There's a mili second between 9 and 10.. a mili second plus a second over flowing with thoughts of you.
And your name seeps through that part in my lips like poetry.With hard whipsers and gentle screams.
Oxymorons and stupidity. We lost one. I lost one in you. There's a second between 9 and 10. A second plus a minute where get I up from a prostrated sleepless slumber to endugle in a hot cup of what could I have done differently tomake you fall... This way.And the scars stare back at me so visibly. I often wish you could cut the memories of
yourself from my skin. With a ball point pen, Carve these words over the fingerprints you left in the palms of my
hands on our first date. If only pink parts of pencils could erase so much more.While you live heavenly missing
from me. There is a minute between 9 and 10A minute plus a minute..when time forgot we existed.
And I couldn't blame you for forgetting me. Because that minute is bold face liar. It quickly turned into an hour and that hour tricked us both into thinking we had more time.
Like we really needed more time to realize my heart was on your shoulder and your heart was in tattoo while her
heart was was in your hand. What else could I do? But watch you love another. At ten, the fingerprints you left inmy hand start to resemble expiration dates. Scars begin to fade. But tears drops hang on to the tips of lashes for dear life. Until pupils have drown themsleves in sorrow. I remember a time when I could see hope in your eyes. And I could hear happiness in your smile. And I could feel love pulsating through your skin..it often made me quiver. But at ten o'1 none of this matter. At ten o'2 I remember you are somewhere laying in someone's arms. And those
seconds and that minute I will meet again, in the dark.

Its amazing how easy is it for someone to forget about you. Then again if you never meant anything...
Why would it be hard?

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