The second The minuteThe

The second 

The minute

The hour had finally come.


Having moved from county to county 

and then country to country. I jumped 

around doing as you had always said. 

You told me that I must make a difference in this world.

But something went wrong and I blamed it on you.

I closed myself on an island and picked at the weeds. 

A long time passed and the rocks no longer shined in the sun and there were no weeds to pick at.

All of it gone but still clinging onto the land.

Like a crying newborn I lay on the sandy ground.

I needed my best friend 

The birds took to the sky and their calls rang out to those who would hear. 

A phone call followed a few days later with a surprised voice.

Racing across the island I somehow went onboard.

The voice blaring out destinations and the smooth landing that followed.

Rushing past people and waving my hands.


The hour 

The minute

The second had finally come. 

The hug you gave me 

It felt like home mom.



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