Wed, 10/19/2016 - 13:29 -- aemonf

There is this boy that I once knew,

He had a barbed wire smile,

And an equally as rough kiss.

I held his shaking hands,

And kissed his scarred arms,

I wiped away his tears and told him it will all be okay.

I told him that I will always be there for him.

There is this boy that I once held.

I clutched him so close to my heart,

I feared I would crush him.

I told him things that very few had heard.

I showed him my things that very few (and very many) have seen.

He told me so many beautiful things to fill my mind.

And he showed me his things that very few (and very many) have seen.

There is this boy I once cared for.

I had a lump in my throat every time I saw his smile.

My heart always skipped a beat when I heard my name on his lips,

Lips I had so wished I could kiss one more time.

My belly would ache when I heard his pains,

Pains I now know are getting worse, and better.

I was scared that I loved him.

There is this person I just met.

They had the same name as the boy I once cared for,

And the same face too.

But there was something so much more different.

This person seemed to glow,

But only when activated by touch.

Like bioluminescent plankton.

There is this person I once touched.

I felt their softness,

And caressed their rough patches as well.

They know things about me that I have only shared with few,

Because those things happened with them.

I shared my soul with them,

And they held my breath on their lips.

There is this person that I care deeply about.

They make me smile like an idiot when I think about them.

Their voice comes to me like an angel's soft lullaby.

They make my body sore in all of the best ways possible.

Their voice in my mind feels like a prayer.

I think I am in love with them,

And this time, I'm not afraid.



This poem, about my current partner of a year and a half, is a reply to the "greet the morning" scholarship.

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