In This Seat


House of thoughts
172 St.. Jude street
United States
30° 41' 41.6508" N, 91° 25' 19.1172" W

As I drift off senselessly in this seat

Remininscing memories that have long since lost their beat

But I do not remember them sadly; rather, I embrace them gladly

Life had adorned me with such a rich treat

I only hope the world sees this life of mine

As not a crime, but oh so very fine

That I lived it not by the value of a dime

Instead, simply enjoyed the passage of the steady hand of time

I hope the world will see my view

If I could give it my eyes, I would, it's true

Even for a minute or two, it would make the world new

Something that has long been over due

I will live my life until the day

When the world will give into its way

And all of its children will be merry and gay

This is my only wish; it is all I have left to say



This poem is so warming, loving, and peaceful. The atmosphere you have created with such a small amount of words is so profound and that is truly your creative strength! Upon reading this, I was allowed into your world-- your perspective. You have chosen your words so precisely and each one counts; each one adds another color to the picture of your poem. I absolutely love this!

Po3try Br3d

Thank you so much! That means alot. I plan to write and submit more so please keep reading

Imani Sophia

Very beautiful indeed

Po3try Br3d

Thank you so much! 


This poem is beautiful. Powerfully... I don't even know... real.

You're gifted. Keep writing.

Po3try Br3d

You're awesome:)


This poem is simple but deep. It's about someone who has the perfect view of a breaking world.

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