Seasons of Life


United States
33° 50' 54.312" N, 84° 17' 8.9232" W

Flowers are woken by the dance of Spring.

A child is born to those who will love her.

Her laughter is the peal that bells bring.

As she grows up, her spring turns to summer.

The summer to her brings the sensual sun,

Unlocking passion that will stir her soul.

A boy has come to make her heartbeats run,

And join her during twilight, on a stroll.

The leaves turn yellow and fall to the ground.

Her hair turns white from black, she has matured.

Her partner shows her the joys to be found,

To be by peace and by the calm allured.

Winter is here, the end is near for her.

She lies to rest, returning to nature.


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