With the Seasons Came Change

Winter of last year; although friends were plentiful, the blistering cold influenced a focus on the individual-- me.

Each gust of wind acted as a vice to clear old ideas from my mind; out with the old, in with the new.

Introvertive aspects appeared to become more pertinent as the weather called for solitude.

Transparent friends began to literally disappear. Change was not yet evident but certainly initiated.


Spring came along and I responded to the change in season.

Like each tulip that slowly blossomed before my eyes, I too, got stronger.

A plethora of new ideas occupied my mind, I took time to appreciate the smaller things in life.

Nature began to influence me.

Each willow tree in the local park seemed to resemble me: responding to each situation with poise while recovering from the harsh winter.


Summer presented itself with opportunities greater than the ripest fig imaginable; sleeping through the harvest would be a shameful act indeed.

Leisure led to the increased analysis of thoughts that were previously deemed aimless.

A growing sense of maturity proved evident through my daily actions and growing intellect.

Ever-present was the idea that a significant transformation was in the midst.


Autumn articulated a time to reflect; the falling leaves symbolic of my year coming to a close.

Extracurriculars started up, and I attacked each task with my newfound wisdom.

Being surrounded by a variety of people inconspicuously illuminated my extrovertive side.

Before I knew it, I had changed just as the seasons had.


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