Seas of Separation


One major flaw I see

Is a lack of communication and interaction within society.

We speak every day

But we don't quite "revere” what words we hear.

We talk, and we say

But it's almost like the only one listening to us, is ourselves.


It's like a soliloquy,

Consisting of a subtle, silent tone

Surrounding our segregated personalities.

You might focus on the syntax of this sentence

serving as simple sustenance to supply our supple senses.

We should strive for more symbiotic lives

And contrive to improve in our present and future senses.


Let me use a question to illustrate what I mean:

Over the past several years, how many simple faces have we seen?


Now, do we see them as acquaintances or as a mass of strangers,

Separating from society can be one of many dangers.


Let's talk about the constant patterns we use in school,

on one note

We set a path to our classes similar to that of a sailboat,

Through the symbolic seas we call halls we coast

To the parasite called simplicity,

we successfully set ourselves as hosts.


I understand we have super separate styles,

but it would be nice if we communicated every once in a while.


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