Seas of Black and White

Seas of Black and White

She sits down softly, a captain in her seat, she listens to the tempo, and waits patiently for the beat. Her hands rest softly on seas of black and white, she would stay there all day, she must get it right. The music builds, soft turns quicly to loud,the girl is not satisfied, she is not even proud. The waves begin to tumble and roll beneath her practiced hand, the sound of the sea grows, and everyone around her stands. The end is coming, they all know it is near, the girl's eyes close in passion, her eyes hold no fear.A tidal wave of sound, quickly approaches the beach, she can feel is now, it is almost in reach. A crecendo adds a ripple, a stacato adds a wave, she knows it is perfection, and has been remarkably brave, she pilots her ship to the dock and prepares for the finish, with one final burst of sound, the music starts to diminish. She completes her piece and rises to her feet, the room and piano are silent, everyone's eyes she willingly meets. Slowly, one by one, every person stands, the roar of approval is heard through their clapping hands. Together with love, passion, and joy, the girl slowly bows, she revels in her Black and White triumph, in a way that only she would ever know how.








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