Searching To Be Seen


United States
25° 48' 37.8648" N, 80° 12' 15.2784" W

All I want is to be seen, the action's what my heart yearns,
A strong powerful Leo, ruler of the Earth,
I need to have a ruby embedded sword, and a chief golden crown,
Hoorays and few nays before the Sun ends dawn,
Love love love, so powerful and much needed,
Hungry searching to be seen until it's well retrieved.
Bring the wild trumpets, red carpets, heavy fragrances,
Bring every damsel and her eye-striking acquaintances,
When I am to be seen I must have it all, simply and extravagantly,
I'm still walking roads though, dirty strenuous roads,
Good thing sweat drops, built up they could hold me from goals,
The eyes bring fortune, such similar beautiful eyes,
I'm searching to be seen, seen,
I'm seen in my dreams, Won't stop until my dreams are seen.


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