The Search and Conquest of....


Do you feel it?

Have you seen it come to be?

It's all around you,

in front, in back,

it has begun consuming your very depths.

This surge of emotions, of feelings,

can't be explained with the flick of a finger.

It can't be bought at a store,

or won as a prize.

This thing, however great or small,

can only be gained with wanting, patience, time.

Once you've got it, hold on tight,

for in a moment it could all fade away.

It's worth the fight, worth the wait;

in the end the adden is fair.

You won't waste your strenght looking for this,

only fools will mock your searching.

But wait, there's more,

one thing left to be said.

This item called wisdom,

in all its rarity,

with all its splendor and glory,

is a fine jewel to hold onto.

You must look and find with all your heart,

and never let it go from your grasp.

And only then, when you've searched and conquested this precious prize,

will your breath of fulfillment seap in.



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