We are the perfect ones.

The few, the selected, the leading elite.

We are the perfect ones, designed to be

Humanity 2.0.

Oh, they have crafted us so carefully.

Pounding, drilling,

Shrilly sounding the beat of the Seamless ones.

Get up, get dressed. Ready, set, go.

Make friends, make the grade, make connections,

Connecting with the best intentions. 

Going, going, going goes your soul.

The leaders of tomorrow, are hollow. 

They follow the beating, the bleeding,

The ever-repeating beat of the Seamless ones.

We are their hopes for a brand new day,

A diploma wrapped up in  401 K,

Whose lives have been nothing but running and running

The race of the Seamless ones.

No time to be broken, no time to delay.

The future is yours, so just do as we say

And security won't be too far away.

They lie to the Seamless ones.

For while we are living like the annointed

We don't even realize how out of joint 

And meaningless it's all become.

We are the Seamless ones - missing the point

Of life.


I want to be broken

Like poetry spoken, cracking the cold silence.

My wish, is to mark the world like orange on black,

A spark of fire, a flame to inspire,

Burn baby, burn,

A power chord hitting like a heart attack.

I want to shatter the pattern like a patchwork quilt 

Of polkadots and paisley.

And maybe, just maybe

To reach something better than the American Dream.

Because to me, it seems like six figures and two point 5 kids

Doesn't add up to a winning bid 

When life has your dreams on the auction block.

I want to run where no man has walked,

Stretch out my arms to catch the sun in the air,

Feel the light shining down on may face and my hair,

I want to dive to the subterranean depths of despair,

And emerge with a glistening pear,

Unfurling the beauty in the ashes.

I want the only beating and bleeding 

And ever-repeating sound that I hear 

To be that of my own heart,

Jump-starting at the prospect of being alive

On this rock we call earth,

Whirling and twirling round in space,

And never stopping to wonder if it was safe,

Or secure,

Or Seamless.



Wow, that's pretty amazing.

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