The Sea Bird


A chick stands for the first time, 

Tall and poised, at the edge of the sea cliff.

The salty wind ruffles her feathers comfortingly.

The breeze acts as a compass to the gulls above.

They acceptingly glide in all directions,

Soaring in perfect harmony.

She examines the circumference of the horizon,

Her eyes, large and curious,

Shimmer with life and love.

Shimmer like the glassy sea.


Below, the sea begins to dance to a lustful tune.

The Reynard sun, reflecting off the surface, grins.

Its prodigious power entices the chick.

She lustfully craves its chaos, 

its mischievous nature. 

She ponders taking the plunge.

It promises her she will soar higher than the gulls above. 

“Perhaps this is the secret to enlightenment,”

“The secret of the harmonious experienced avians above,”

She muses.


But this sea is deceptive.

Beneath its alluring glimmer Is a greedy,

All consuming darkness.

There, an ancient grave of false promises lie.

The tomb reads “here is the way to a world...”

“Full of peace”.

“Full of equality”.

“Full of kindness”.

“Full of justice”.

“Full of honesty”.

“Full of love”.


Intoxicated by its fermented promise, 

She willingly takes the plunge.

The mouth of the nefarious sea laughs victoriously,

It bares teeth of sharp waves,

And devours her innocence.

She vanishes beyond the event horizon of the surface,

Entering the singularity of an oceanic black hole.

Perverted, twisted, and dissolved,

She is no more.


Tears fall from the heavens above, 

And sterilize the chaotic sea.

The mourning gulls depart with the shifting winds.

They sing a requiem amongst the clouds.

The wind finally stills.

The sea is calm and smooth.


A new grave stone rises from the depths,

It reads:

“Here lies another youth,

“A Victim to a world of false promises.”

“False Promises of a life and of a future.”


Soon the gulls will return to the sea,

Hoping others will learn to soar with them,

learn to swim in the illustrious current above,

and how to discern a true splendor from a false one.


Now in the stillness,

There remains no more tears,

Only hope and love for a future

Full of peace.

Full of equality.

Full of kindness.

Full of justice.

Full of honesty.

Full of love.









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