Sea of Ashes


A calming sense of silent solitude

            washed over her like the waves that stroke

            each grain of sand.


The rays beat down upon her pure skin

            infusing her with ecstasy and joy within.


Gazing out over the endless sea of mysteries,

            she witnesses the ghosts of travelers

            and past expeditions:


All journeys made from bottles of resurrected hope.


She sees life floating past her through each flap

            of the bird's flight, pulse of the waves, and

            rustle of the trees behind her.


The wind gradually increases with the accumulation

            of grey clouds overhead.


She shivers, but soon embraces the bitter chill

            upon her skin and realizes that there resides

            worse pain.


Harbored in her mind are emotions so deep, she feels

            suffocated and trapped even in her sleep.


Each minute that passes causes those walls to move

            closer towards her locking her inside.


Although she is stuck between the hands that choke her,

            she looks within the eyes within the clouds above

            and calls for mercy-an end to it all.


She attempts to redeem a breath of crisp air

            but is locked in place by her misery.


The only thing that will set her free is the ocean before her.


With this hope and longing, she jumps into the unknown,

            crashing into the chill with a force greater

            than her mind's own awareness.


Eventually, she becomes numb and doesn't feel

            the pain anymore.


She's at peace and becomes the water that caresses her.


She spirals further and further down until she is

            with the ashes.



This poem is about: 
My family


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