Scrubs of Love

Tue, 12/06/2016 - 16:35 -- ikmccoy

Dressed in scrubs, with overworked, tender feet.

Promenading and scurrying through the long hallways ahead of me.

The anxious and hope that abundantly builds up inside, not

knowing what the outcome will be, but my faith gains authority.

This place is my very own heartbeat.

The spirit of my true friends bring me such great company.

The white walls isolate me from the outsiders.

It’s a big box full of love and the strongest fighters.

The intensity of my passion grows from many branches.

It takes patience and time, but sometime’s abscission can bring heartache.

Hard as nails, but soft as a pillow.

Maintaining to balance them both, never underneath the shallows.

Days and nights creep throughout the years

Plenty of times on the border of shedding tears

Seeing the worried looks on their discouraged  face,

in all means they’re now in a better place.

When i’m 64 or older, they may not remember me

, but i’ll never forget this place for it created every part of me.


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