The Script

This is the script
This is the day
For a life delayed
This is the play
The Hip Hip Hooray-
A Broadway hit
A mental health trip
A life filled with fear
In every rain drop there is a tear
Of the memories that linger year after year
A haunted house, a rattling mouse
This torrential domain, a soul deeply stained
Noose around the neck, for this I stutter, in this I fret-
Time is ticking for all the unpaid debt.
Looking ahead for the mending of this soul-
With its gaping hole-
I’ve been warned I’ve been told
The journey can be forever until I am old.
I swallow the storm, the rain, the clouds, the wind, the sun
The moon-
Until its noon I swallow it whole, to renew this aching soul-
There is no measurement to win, it carries the molestations of
Other people’s sin,
I remain quietly insane in the melodrama of this theatrical dance as it crawls on my skin like fiery ants.
For these things there is no release-
In time it will heal and absorb the peace-
Letting go of all that I know-
Making room for the new I kneel at the pew
Awaiting the light that can make things right
Putting an end to this decade old fight
And finally end this life of fright-
This keeps me colliding into this night-
To end in peace for the remainder of my life.

Photo: The Bronx Times Peter Milosheff, Design Rubin Gilbert. Cover of my poetry book. Dukkah



My favorite line of this poem is "I swallow the storm, the rain, the clouds, the wind, the sun" because it uses such vivid nature imagery and is very symbolic of the soul and how we live.

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