Screw The System

Man, screw the system

The system that seems to make everybody a victim

Sistahs sprung out on government assistance

Politicians out here tryna stop the resistance

The little boy who was killed last night, you think nobody missed him?

Seems something like a cataclysm

The supply and demand of my people all stepped on by capitalism

Man, screw the system

The system that has failed my people, keeping us trapped in ghettos in terrible condition

My brother who got lost in the streets because his parents dismissed him

Born to a mother that refused to kiss him

Authoritative figures at school who refused to assist him

Classified with anger management, instead they choose to list em

But if that same negro played football or basketball the world wouldn’t be able resist him

These crackers keeping our minds twisted

They move to the beat of their own rhythm

In my history class choosing to share only their own wisdom

To them i’m just another statistic

They like silencing our voices, they strive to keep our thoughts restricted

This race war has always been a sick competition

White vs. Black has become a custom, an American tradition

Listen… Black people should be on a mission

We need people within our culture willing to go the distance

The history and laws of this country were written when we were still viewed as property

A time when you could see a white man cracking his whip on top of me

Around the same time when they stole us from Africa and shipped us to the Caribbean Sea

A time where it wouldn’t be strange to see me hanging from a tree.

Open your eyes were still stuck on the “Middle Passage”

These white people will do anything to  live a life of lavish

The extent at which they will go to get what they want is massive

They used to whip, shackle, beat, mutilate, brand, and imprison us.

And lets not forget the sexual abuse on women when they would rape and beat pregnant slaves if they dared through a fuss.

Man, screw the system

The same system in modern times that has stolen black culture

And fed off the black man’s work, they tricked em

Back when they used to let the dogs eat our raw flesh, watching as they ripped him

At the slave auctions when the potential buyers wanted to see what they were working with,  as they stripped him.

Man, screw the system

These white people sat back and thought “We can’t get rid of slavery” so let’s throw them in a cell.

Mass incarceration, they found a new way to raise hell!  

These prisons are stealing lives, Locking up thousands of innocent people, It's a form of modern genocide.

There are currently 20 white men on death row for harming a black victim.

But there are currently 289 black men on death row for harming a white victim.

Play dumb, tell me you can’t see the difference

What you fail to see is your ignorance

This war is belligerent, these white people are vigorous

And my people are seemingly sick of it

Man, screw the system

What if I decided to flip this shit

Take history and re-write that bit

I am ready to change the script

This isn’t a mistake, this shit is deliberate

You see we must not have this same in-ter-ests

In reference to our preference, your tactics shall no longer be prevalent.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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