The Scientist

Fri, 08/05/2016 - 10:53 -- ohtayx

I am a scientist

I am a scientist because I can master the elements

I can boil my words to temperatures so high,

the eyes of those who read it are scalded

I can harness the oceans within me

and drown my demons

I can turn the tornados within my mind

into soft winds upon my page

Because I can use the branches of my heart

to entangle and capture the minds of others


I am a scientist

I am a scientist because I measure my syllables

I can drown my words in beakers of water

and find them to be denser than gold

I can compress my words into few

and still make them weigh heavy on the heart

I can weigh my words in epigrams

that lift you off your feet

I can accidently mix my words

and poison your soul


I am a scientist

I experiment with my words,

I create things you've never seen before,

and I change the world 

Like a scientist




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