The School System

Sh...! Some smooth students steal the Slam

As studdering students slink into their seats.

Obviously outgoing ones outdo the others.

Introverts revert back to their reclusive ways as they lose all hope of others' understanding.

All of the audience-amusers are awarded for an audacious aphorism. 

Extroverts absorb the appraisal as the introverts are appalled at their adverasries.

A system in which the anxiety-laden are forced to try to trumpet their troves of thought.

And the gregarious are greeted gratefully for their graceful jargon.

Then the cruel, condescending laughter at the other's misery and misunderstood demeanor

Year upon year.

Every year, every month, every week, every day.

Every schedule, every block, every class. 

Why bother when one is only doomed to fail?

Why, because there is hope. 

Without public humiliation, one could hope to leave their imprisonment.

With arduous labor, one could slave away to achieve eligibility to leave.

With eligibility, one could fill out an application to be considered to be approved.

After all of the torment of bullies, public humiliation, and other atrocities, all there is left is hope.

Without that hope, she is nothing.

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