School Stress

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 22:00 -- DIphill


At the beginning of every term,

Comes a brand new start, 

Minds refreshed

Promises made within our hearts.

Sitting on edge, bodies squirm.

New changes, same old faces.


Time settles in, seasons past by.

Work overload has made time fly.

Teachers don't care about social lives.

Tired minds, lazy people only know lies,

For their excuses for the reason why.


Hair all frazzled as gray hairs creep in.

Baggy eyes, sleepy heads.

A million assignments all for tomorrow.

Not completing them considered the deadliest sin.

No time for the outside world,

Only homework, projects and assignments to drive us to shreads.


Restless nights, late morning departures.

Constant late slips but completed assignments.

We , the students academic marcher,

who march and stand up to the making of ourbright futures.


Additional classes help to pursue our specfic majors.

Added experiences equal impressive resumes.

College applications,scholarship essays to  be completed.

Hard work, perseverance and dilligence are what it takes,

For success to be a real sweet treat.


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