School in a Nutshell


I remember when

I had absolutely nothing to do. 

How I would just lay in bed and

wait for something to pass me by

so I could just do 



I want that back.

I want relaxation.

I don’t want to worry about


or homework

or drama.

I don’t want

acceptance letters.

I don’t want

perfect scores

on all of my assignments.

I just want sleep.

I want to curl up in bed,

close my eyes,

and pass out.

But all of the




hinder those actions quite significantly.

I have so much to do that all I can do is

lay down

and take a nap.

But when I wake up

from my four hour siesta,

I have more to do then when it starts.

Clean the house,

walk the neighbors dog,

mow the lawn.

Anything that blocks the homework I have to do (which is typically a lot).

That’s how it all starts.

A vicious cycle of just not giving a damn, and then

forcing myself  

to do exactly what I don’t want. 

Why can’t I just do what I love

for once?

I love sleep.

Can I sleep?



Of course not.

Why would anyone want


Well, because I’m not a day person.

At all.

I'm nocturnal

So I stay up until 3am,

only to have to wake

the next day at


Why does high school

not have night classes?

I would excel at those.

There’s an idea for ya, ICCSD.

Offer a class at about 8pm.

Then I can sleep.

I could finally sleep.

But no. No night classes for you,

ye night owls. You must

wake at ungodly hours,

manage a pile of homework as high as


and then go home and NOT sleep.

Don’t ever sleep.

You must remain attentive!

How? Well, we don’t know.

Manage your own damn time.

Do we look like

your mother?


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