School food, GROSS!!!!



Yuck! Gross! I won't eat that
this food looks like a run over rat
Our school lunch is from outer space,
Endangering the human race,
The meatballs bounce right off the floor,
the fish cakes could break down a door.

it’s green and gross, kind of icky,
it smells like a sewer and is really stickly.

The bread was baked ten years ago,
the burgers look like they will grow,
The chicken has the chicken pox,
the peas are frozen in a box.

Nasty meat cooked half-way
I think my face is turning grey,
I think this soup is twelve years old.
The fries aren't fried, they're still really cold!
The spinach gives you legs gangrene,
the fruit juice tastes like gasoline.
The soup is salty as the sea,
the franks explode like TNT.
The salad bar - don't you dare try it,
the carrot cake once caused a riot.
The deadly tuna casserole can bore a hole right through the bowl,
The fries could knock you off your chair,
the corn could make you lose your hair.

We know the school isn’t rich,
But they can’t give us cold dish.  

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