They say school is the one thing that will guarantee success in ones life. How can we be so sure when the costs of tuition and education are bigger than the chance of one actually making "it" when school is all said and done. "Follow your dreams" yeah, thats easier said than done. Putting a price on my dream? I guess we shouldn't call it a "dream" now should we...this country gives us people alot of oppurtunities, I know that. What I don't understand is that, why must everything have a price? My education has a price, my chance of bieng somebody in life has a price, my "dream" has a price..School is meant to guarantee a person a successful life. Yet, most are up to their necks with debt and anger because they have a bachelors degree and yet, no job. Money is everything. How can you make money..when school is taking all that money away without it even guaranteeing you that once you graduate, your money struggle is gone. school is a previlage..please stop raising the price.


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