Drop your life

Drop your dreams

You're one of us now 

The Swallowed 

The Hallowed 


Walk down the halls

Rid yourself of your individuality 

What makes you, you

Is what makes you not  us. 

The Borrowed 

The Sorrowed


It's a machine 

Compressing and shaping the most 

Innocent of minds

Changing their desires 

Into ours 


We are "The Man" 

You'll be with us everyday 

Becoming more like a high functioning member

Of our machine 

Losing sight of the dreams you once held so dear


No extraordinary people ever needed us 

But we will spend years convincing you that the opposite is true

And you'll eat it up. 

We promise you that you'll be successful

If your idea of success is a 9-5 boxed in prison


But that's the thing about you. 

You were capable of great things 

Up until

We told you otherwise


This poem is about: 
Our world


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