Scholarship Poem (Ken)

Im just a kid with a dream,

When success is building up I’m coming up with the team,

And I hear everybody calling once I’m getting the green,

I want to be the biggest artist that nobody has seen.

Lemme tell you a lil something about my life style,

I had a poison in my brain for a long while,

My heart was sitting in rain, my mind was going insane, I drank to heal all the pain,

And all that poison was love.

You always told me theres no one above,

I always knew you were the only one I truly loved,

I hope you realize that its over when I get the buzz,

Cause when I do its gon’ be over for the both of us.

Damn, how far back do we go?

Its like I’m stuck in the past, don’t kill my ego,

Im a legend in the making, yeah I do this for the people,

But you do this for yourself, I know that we were never equal,

Yeah I’m destined for greatness, I’m starting right now,

And if you’re with me or not, I’m getting my crown,

And all the people you got, they’re gonna bow down,

Cause you’re forgetting one thing, this is my town.



True love is hard to find,

Ive been thinking bout her all day, and every night,

I’ve been feeling like I’m all alone, 

I just know that shes my antidote ,  

I just feel like that I’m coming close to falling, I dont know..

In a room full of people, yet I’m all alone?

I got the screams of a soul dug into my bones.

My greatest enemy is inside of me within my skull.

Its like I’m tied up to a chain with a greater foe.

Taking one sip at a time,  Hennessy drip on my mind,

What am i doing, i cannot stop pouring, i crash in the morning i mess up my grind.

I am just stuck in a vine, i am nowhere but divine, i am just stuck on the times,

Reality pinching me harder than all of the thorns in my spine.

I got a piece of my mind telling me its all fine,

Grasping onto hope that one day you’ll be mine.

Im on another dose, trying to rid of my woes,

Cant sleep well at night as far as it goes..

Life is eating me up from my head to my toes,

Is there anything left for me to lose? I will never know..

R.I.P. to the love that never faded,

I lost my way, my mind a lil jaded..

Wheres the real us? The us we created?

It killed itself, to the thought that we’d make it.

Overwhelmed to the thought that all you’ll do is fake it,

All you did was just try to escape it..

All we need is trust and no one over us,

Please find yourself, for the love of us,

“Even when the sky is falling, even when the sun dont shine, I got faith in you and I”,









This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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