Schizophrenic thoughts

Hallucinations and illusions
Screaming murder inside my head.
Shadows of destructions,
Feeding on me instead.

I live in the world of death,
Where demons sit around,
Waiting patiently,
For their next prey.

Memories are altered,
Delusions grabbing me,
Fear taking over,
It won't set me free.

I have seen the unthinkable,
Stared into the emotionless eyes of madness,
Every emotions have been drain,
Except the one call sadness.

Multiple personalities,
Have taken over my mind,
My body,
Instead of seeking truth,
They are seeking vengence.

Vengence for the unknown,
I stare at the shadow of...
It is always following me,
That tall shadow,
With eyes of blood.

Unknown words,
Spill from it's lips,
Everyone is clueless,
To the evil inside of things,
Everyone...Except me.


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