Scatter Plot

     The first time I traveled with my high school volleyball team I felt danger in the back of my mind when we drove by a pet hospital. When I got home from the tournament my parents told me that my precious Princess was dead.

My only regret is not calling home and making someone check on her when I felt that.

     If someone asked me to explain what my life is like I would feel very uncomfortable because I don't like talking about myself with other people. All I would say is this-

"I room with four beautiful girls in a dorm, we're all athletes. I tore my ACL and I'm going through physical therapy trying to recover so I can continue my volleyball career, and I'm majoring in psychology."

What I don't tell people is-

I'm left with my thoughts a lot, I try not to get so lost in them and forget about everyone else

Everyone is beautiful until they prove otherwise to me through their character

I cried when I saw my best friend after a few months of us being away at college because I missed her so much. She is my definition of love.

A happy life is a healthy life, a stressful life is this much closer to death.

I felt apathy towards my mom when I stayed with her at her and her boyfriends new house that had no room for me. I know my mom loves me, but I used to hate my mom because of the things my dad told me about her, now I don't know how to feel about my dad.

I love my mom and dad

My older brother once told me that I was the favorite child and that tore me apart, but I still love him

My grandparents voices fill me with relaxation but use to fill me with empty remorse when all they did was drink

My little cousin is one of my lives

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."- Jimi Hendrix

Concerts fill me with euphoria because I feel as if there's a deep spiritual connection between everyone

One day I want to be able to forget everyone without feeling guilty, I think that's what death is. Even if that isn't what death is I can't wait to die.

Normal is to me what it isn't to you, therefore there is no agreed normal, so normal only exists in thought.

The world should stop taking itself so seriously and just live in acceptance

Beauty means nothing if you're selfish with it

"Be curious, not judgmental"- Walt Whitman

Lastly, I should be writing my essay that's due tomorrow.


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