Scary Magicians/New Generation


Scary Magicians/New Generation


Black Top Hat

Cheap products

Fooling me

Making me take my eyes off the true problems

Imaginations, sweet Candies and gummies

Chips and Alcohol on every corner

Holidays to celebrate Easter Bunnies

Pagan Rituals replaced Negro Spirituals

My White Counter Parts were taught to hate me in their hearts

But to crook a smile to me when they see me from afar

Putting their hands in the pockets with holes

While another strips me off my riches and Gold

Now mines are in their pockets.

And you tell me to prick my finger from picking on cotton 

Living in houses their fathers and grandfathers were granted when they were only pheasants

So that my fore fathers and fathers before them can stay oblivious

Knowing no more than an adolescent

Earning nothing in exchange for nothing

Now you tell me that I should be appreciative

For the life I get to live

It seems they lived longer than we did

Killing ME, Her and Him

No actual reason or representation of why

Just because you have fear in your eyes

Brain tissue deteriorating, clogged from all the lies

 Thinking this can be done and no one will tell a soul

This world was never fair to us

Lets get one fact told

Let me rephrase that, not this world this soil

This land you say I call my home...

Could give a Fuck if I become successful!

Could give a Fuck if I lie dead in a tomb!

Doesn’t matter if I’m educated and never hurt a soul

Doesn’t matter if Im helping raising my younger nephew

Doesn’t matter who Iam, or who looks up to me for inspiration

You think Iam of cattle, You think that Iam of sheep

I can be thrown in the Dirt, and replaced each season

Working Jobs and Shifts you want completed

But would never wish your own child to dare take

Laugh in my face for wanting a career

Talking about me to my peers

Separating me from the affluent

Like Iam not even here

I can’t go to a Gas Station?

I can’t go the Movies?

WIithought some cop trying to pursue me

Taking the chance just to find something on me

If I don’t have it, you will plant it

If I put my hands up

You say, he’s pulling a gun

I can’t even catch the Bart anymore to work?

I can’t even go see the fireworks?

I will die basically is what you’re saying right?

My rights as a black person has recently been stripped

How is it now as we have a black president

That these defenses have been happening towards are communities so quick

Every week theres a different black child that has been killed for no apparent reason

None of these children even had a track record

But these random persons  no murderers harming us 

keep seeming to get acquitted, no charges, it seems to be making them more famous regardless

What they seem to forget is we are a strong people

When we decide were fed up we take action

They think that we won’t rebel

And if we do, well go to jail

But you said that free speech was the 1st amendment due to us

I guess you didn’t mean to the ones who are more than pale

I don’t know what is to come to this land

The Magician begins to make waves with the wand in his hand

And he swirls it around until he thinks of another distraction

He can give to my people again

But right now I feel that we are tired of watching this same ol show

We are starting to form, and the lies told will be unfold

There’s a new generation of people coming up again

Who are willing to sacrifice all, so that our Justice can finally be implemented



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