Scar's Truth

Two little cubs roaming through the plains,

Run run the two went along.

So young, and careless.

They roamed until they arrived at an elephant cemetery.

Play, play, they played.


Soon one cub was cornered against a carcass,

Fear appeared on one's eyes.

One in terror the other in confusion,

Run, run, one ran.

The other left to get snatched.

Help, help, one roared,

One was left to die.


Terror ran through the cubs mind.

The stench of death filled the land.

Odd shadows appeared,

A strange range of cackles filled the young’s ears.

Closer and closer they came.


A claw slashed  the cubs face,

The cubs anterior was scratched and bleeding,

The posterior of it’s head hit the carcass behind him,

Darkness filled his vision.

He fainted into the night.


Soon awakened by the murmurs,

The shadows appeared.

Terrifying grins flashed,

Dry blood clenching his face.

Terror still paralyzing the young cub.


“You’re one of us now,”

“He didn’t care for you, but we did.”

“Scar is your name,”

“And the hyenas are your kin.”


Time passed,

The then cubs, are now lions.

Both soon to be kings.


One king of hyenas,

The other king of all.


Scar will never know the truth,

All he’ll ever know is betrayal.



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