Scars Deep Inside


She wants to scream and shout with fear,

For again the familiar danger draws near

Scars that well up against her face,

Invisible leaving not a trace


Only she can see the wounds left behind,

Not a sound nothing to speak for her mind

Unraveled and torn between two places,

Nothing but pure horror in between spaces


Emptiness within her bleeding heart,

She feels far away and miles apart

She refuses to tell anyone what is known,

It will make her cry and her scars won't be shown


She fears they won't believe her no matter what is said,

She'd rather hang herself instead

No light at the end of the tunnel,

She is sucked into a tornado a darkened funnel


Flung into a black whole of depression,

No matters of hope, no matters of succession

She feels her life is a sin, a dreadful transgression,

Wishing she was nothing more, but an empty session


They judge her no matter where she goes,

Terrible, ugly, a mistake, nobody knows

The pain continues as it grows and grows,

Her soul continues its sorrow and crows


She can not fight who she really is,

She wants to hide who she is with a mask like this

She tried to kill herself a thousand times,

But whenever she does she cries and cries


The knife that stands pointed at her heart,

It could tear her entire life apart

She refuses the knife over and over,

Her life is broken like a forgotten clover


A rose that wilts night by night day after day,

Until then her scars will forever stay,

Maybe she can fight with what's left or die trying

And one day the tears will cease to fall... and no more crying







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