I have scars that tell of days
When I resorted to my stupid ways,
When I believe that nothing lasts forever,
I see the scars blend together.

I’ve never been the one you call smart,
But hopefully someday I’ll start,
Instead of making it hard to be apart,
Of a normal world when everything is in my art.

I thought about just giving up the fight,
But then I remember the night,
When i laid under the moons light,
And held the ground so tight.

I didn’t want to let go,
But I have thought about the things I’ve had to undergo,
And there are things that can break, although,
Someday I’ll be six feet below.

That’s all I look forward to,
Is knowing that I have skin I can cut through,

And bleed away the pain,
And people find that insane.

I look in the mirror everyday,
And something gets in the way,
My troubles block my view,
And the things I see are few.

Im not what they want me to be,
But everyone is blind and can’t see,
That this is the person that I am,
And if they don’t like it I don’t give a damn.

Im not afraid of what tomorrow may bring,
Because all I want to do is lift my head and sing,
Im the person I am because of the world I live in,
And I know that my life is filled with sin.

Im never gonna let go,
Because of the things I have to show,
I gave the world what it gave me,
And its sad that so many can’t see.

Something stirred inside of me,
I’ve held on to the thought of being free,
and I’ll reach my goal some way,
I just have to wait for the right day.

Its my choice to live or die,
And some may cry,
For reasons unclear to me,
Because they never see me for who I could be.



I love the title of this poem, because it is true that our scars make us who we are, and a lot of the time, people don't get to know us well enough to find out who we truly are. It's great that you can write about your goal of being yourself. If you check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section, you can get even more ideas about writing poetry about things you want to accomplish!

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