Scarred,Not Broken

God’s kiss to a darkened world

a tiny miracle wrapped in rejection and despair

held unwanted by worldly hands

a yearning cry falling upon deaf ears

born a burden

this generation

As a child they must learn

to wipe off the scraped knee and stand back up

to be the parent, to fend for themselves

to turn the other cheek to the world and hide the one streaked with tears

they know no other way they must learn

this generation

Taken away... forever

all that was ever known gone

just one call away, a second chance for life, a new Mom and Dad

open arms waiting, acceptance, lasting love, a new beginning

adopted and saved this generation

I am this generation, we are all a part

the voices, the faces, the falling tears, the calling hearts

these are the children once marked and rejected

some are given hope a chance to do more than just survive

some are still waiting for their turn

and some will always have the hand the world has dealt

we are scarred, beaten down, not broken

it is how our lives are used that matters

it is up to you my sister, my brother

we are this generation

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