Scarlet Letter By Letter

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 16:13 -- jbowsh


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A woman's assumption made wrong
Betraying her husband who's gone
Caught by the town, a baby was found
Distressed, she confessed, by her sins she is bound
Extracted from prison, she stands on the scaffold
Friendly he's not, her husband is baffled
Growing tension, true identity he won't mention
Hester's in dire need of redemption
Imprinted, the scarlet letter captures her
Just stay righteous, sins can be cured
Keeping secrets is a hassle
Life leads her to the Governor's castle
Men are fascinated by her little Pearl
Notice her face, her impish smile, her beautiful curls
Obviously this child is different than most
Pearl is lovely, but Hester doesn't boast
Quarrels she creates, upsetting her mother
Rather good thing Hester did not give her a brother!
Sadistic and odd Chillingworth stands
Too kind, he offers Dimmesdale a helping hand
unhealthy and weak, the poor man accepted
Vaguely seeing Chillingworth's evil incentive
Would anyone have guessed the Minister's sin?
Xeric like a heart shriveling, neither sinner can win
Yearning a getaway, love birds fail to fly
Zeroes, not heroes, the lovers say goodbye.


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