The Scare


Who will I be if this is to happen...

If god or whoever it is up there

Allowed for something like this to be

where inside of me could

transform from the devils whipping tail

to little baby feet

I’ve been tiresome over decisions

That shouldntve be made

If there were two addition signs tht were the same

talking to him bout names

All this worrying over


five minute game


smushed together with three couch cushions

5 minutes

4 different minds

3 different positions

2 feet away from a glove

1 death stare to the stomach

2 of my legs shaking

3 seconds for him to figure out my brain racked hard so the

4 of us could walk away in all different directions

5 days of no sleep or eating...

And still counting....

you see

I’ve been waiting

On a calling of words

Because I totally thought that Lust was something

I just heard of

these things called a killing

of a human

But I'm still not sure if

an embryo can recognize the hurting

just yet

In my mind I can see people

being twisted

and maybe be mentally evicted

You see I remembered

what you said

When you said

I could’ve waited

A little bit longer

We both waited a little bit longer

to grab what we needed

The guard

The shield

The preventer

Of this happening

But, I’m guessing all things happen for a reason

And for a girl to be so sharp and pointed

This one event curved her way of thinking

All there ever was

Was that one sentence of persuasion.


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