Scar Face


The past is hidden behind the wall,

But tonight I am the Belle of the ball.

I walk right in, my arms naked with no cover,

The journey is long, but I may recover.

Three years clean, three years strong,

This expedition to a better me has never felt so long.


I count the paces in my head,

Of every milestone I've walked.

Nothing can hold me back this time,

My addictions are long behind.


Years ago I lusted for Red,

I was hurting in my head.

I took it out on myself,

And put my heart on the shelf.

In resignation I finally said, 

"This life in Red will kill me."


Red comes in all forms,

Brick buildings, red walls, and college dorms.

But not all are so hopeful, my Red was dreadful.

He called for me at night. whispered in my ear, 

"You're mine now. Nothing can be more feared."

So I listened, and I hurt.

Red dripped down my skirt,

Red trickled from my shirt,

Red trickled from my hurt.

This life in Red will kill me, he will tear me limb from limb.

I almost gave up that day, my arms were torn.


Alas, the past is the past,

My life in Red is gone,

My arms are not naked, but scarred.

My life in Red did not kill me,

I am a survivor, unlike many may be.

Tonight, I am the Belle of the ball,

I am beautiful, like them all.

Flawless is my middle name,

Here is my shot to fame,

If I stay away from Red,

I will never be enslaved in my own head.


I am art, 

I am bold,

I am notorious,

I am crazy,

And I am Flawless.

Nothing will break me again.


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